Life Groups

Life Groups

A place of fellowshiP 

A place to get connected with the Body of Christ.

  Reasons for Life Groups:

  • For proper care of our partners
  • To train future leadership
  • To help individuals connect with the rest of the Body of Christ in smaller, more intimate setting
  • To support them during difficult times
  • To discover personal gifting(s)
  • To reach different neighborhoods
  • To have fun and to fellowship

What Goes on in a Life Group?

Each Life Group shares the love that we all have in common for Jesus Christ and the love that we have for God’s people. Times and activities will vary depending on the vision of the leader and members of each Life Group. Typical activities may include praise and worship, studying the Word, service projects, or special events like cookouts, fishing trips, movie night, arts & crafts, family activities and so much more!

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